Catriona Towriss

Ephemeral Home

Finding echoes of her own life in the movements and labour of the birds who migrate and nest in both the north and southern hemisphere, Catriona walked the land of Bodhi Khaya, collecting, and carrying sticks with which she built Ephemeral Home. 

Asking for a home. Tending to you because you’re my home. Speaking truthfully because we are at home. Loving you because this is home. 

In her performance, Catriona walked down the mountain carrying the final bundle of sticks, enclosing herself within the circular form of the sculpture and surrendering into the centre of Ephemeral Home. 

Thamsanqa Majela  

Follow Mami

I decided to leave my home, to leave the waters and walk the lands. Many things I saw; I heard birds singing, I walked the muddy soil, talked with tall creatures that communicated with my heart. They had bushy hats and they called them Trees. Some are called Milk Wood Trees, yet they never produced any milk during my thirst.
Fear surrounded me because I didn’t know what to expect, but my determination to walk and see, succumbed all fear. I met weird creatures, the human race. They opened their hearts to me, they engaged with me through their emotions and shared their skills.
They were different from what I was told about this race. Often, they destroy, they kill and disconnect with everything that I vibrate with. It took a small group to make me realize that humans have a good heart. There was no judgement, only questions about HOW I FEEL.
I felt seen for the first time. I felt cared for. I felt the earth breathing through these creatures. I felt welcomed. I felt!
I heard music and a voice that soothed my ear, and it accompanied me in my journey. I heard emotions! For a brief moment, I wanted to stay there because it was beautiful and magical. I write this in a different place, I left the place. I knew if I stayed there for too long, I would forget the beauty and magic of the place. We have to leave and allow the place to flourish more. I (We) will return again to nourish in this splendour, for now… I will “FOLLOW MAMI”

Chrisél Attewell  

“Weight | Wait” & “Touching Clouds”

The residency started with a wayfarer’s exploration of the landscape. Initial days were dedicated to wandering, sensing, listening, feeling, and absorbing. I found resonance with the flowing rivers, the Milkwood forest, and the fields of grasses and wildflowers, but what captured me most was the quarry. From the moment I touched the clay-rich soils and rinsed my hands in the pond reflecting the sky.

Spending time with the clay was like sitting with history. The geological time of its existence made my own feel brief. Contemplating humanity’s fleeting presence on Earth and the exploitation of this resource-laden land, I recognised the weight of history within the clay and within these lands. This weight grew heavier as I pondered the future, both social and environmental. The clay’s heaviness felt similar to that of the stone in my stomach as I considered these matters. Having the clay, this history, in my hands, I considered the power I have to shape it, to transform and influence its possible futures.

Both works are rooted in the clay sourced from the quarry and explore our deep interconnectedness, both physical and spiritual, with the Earth and one another. 

Jane Mpholo


is a site-specific performance that delves into the concept of mourning within an African context. It follows the journey of a woman and the cultural expectations that encompass this phase of her life. The performance is dedicated to restoring her agency and purifying her. 

The focus is on her black dress and the need to release the burdens it symbolizes. While the dress appears free-flowing, a closer look reveals its constricting nature, obstructing her path.

The presence of a waterfall enhances the performance, providing a beautiful backdrop and representing the pure essence of water. Water possesses the power to give life and yet has the potential to drown.

The character’s movements from the river downstream to the uphill portion by the waterfall symbolize the challenges associated with her prolonged grieving process. She is constantly faced with the choice to persevere or let go.

This journey is demanding and lengthy, but it is undeniably essential.

Yoko Reijn

“My Father’s Shawl”

Amazing how connecting with earth is connecting with human flesh and therefore signifies connect with humanity in its whole.

I came with the intention to explore traces of life, of environment, of earth.

Connecting with the wild meant engaging in and with my bodily human appearance right now, unveiling the abundance of my creative source. It resulted in a very direct expression during two performances.

I never could have dreamed this. I intend to find the courage in ‘normal life’ outside the artist residency, to explore this particular art form further.

As a painter I discovered mentally as well as physically during this precious time at the residency that I want to continue working on a two dimensional surface with the pigments found and collected at the quarry.

Gratitude also goes to my seven fellow artists. I rarely felt so appreciated as part of a larger whole.


Lorin Sookool

Philile Nkabinde “Bones, Breath And Blessings (Must Meet)”

Audio full poem/music

Obett Motaung

Photos by: Josie Borain, Bronwen Trupp, Tina Bester, Alisa Farr